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Manage like a pro...

Business operations management for healthcare, fitness & wellness entrepreneurs.

I am an implementor, writer, communicator and decision maker - deeply in tune with digital marketing and the creative, entrepreneurial mindset.


Do you ever feel like there's just so many moving pieces to juggle?

Ummm, yea. Let's get your business organized...

As entrepreneurs, we hear so much about's tough work! Delegation takes leadership skills, steady and supportive communication, quality checks, and (yep!) systems. In order to delegate effectively, minimize errors and keep your team rolling efficiently along you need to have documented procedures in place for your team to follow.

Go from doing all the nitty-gritty details yourself to effectively contracting out the work that doesn't make you shine...then shine on in the role that makes you GLOW!

You are the CEO after all.

I implement systems and automate processes to give you the time to focus on the stuff you love to do while feeling confident that your OBM has you covered.

We would be a great fit if:

  • You are a wellness, fitness or healthcare entrepreneur and you are passionate about the services you offer.

  • You aim to serve your community and have a bigger impact by reaching more people who long for and benefit from your services.

  • You want to make the world a better place and earn a great income doing it.

  • Your business is growing and you're experiencing growing pains (ie you didn't sign up for working 5am - 10pm in order to sustain or scale).

  • You are hands-on in your business. You want to grow and focus on what you do best.

I work with entrepreneurs in two capacities: Online Business Management & Copywriting. Check out my Packages & Services to learn more!

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Tenley Wallace, Temple Tribal Fusion®

In working alongside Aleta for many months, she has proven to be excellent with time management and consistency. She is organized and operates with a high level of professionalism.
She successfully designed and set up a beautiful automated welcome email drip campaign in Active Campaign, so my prospective clients can sign up for my email list, and we start right away to build a solid relationship.
She can work both in strategy and implementation and can anticipate my business needs! I would love to work with her again.

Becoming the successful delegator is the stuff business dreams are made of. Let us support you as you uplevel CEO!